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College tuition has increased over 440% over the last 20 years, pricing many students out of a higher education. Scholarship Gold's Elizabeth Hartley educates and assists her clients on how to position themselves for the best admission opportunities and for maximum financial aid and scholarships.

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College Choice

With roughly 3000 colleges and universities in the country, choosing the right one can be a daunting choice for many students. How to find the right fit for a student depends on many factors such as:

- location

- number of students

- student/faculty ratio (lower is better)

- four year graduation rate

- majors offered

These are only a few of the factors I encourage students to consider when narrowing their search to the top 5-8 schools they choose to pursue. Even if a student has a top choice favorite, it's critical to have alternate schools in mind in case the top choice doesn't work out.

Students and parents are often surprised to find that sometimes their most affordable options are the most expensive schools, even the Ivy Leagues. I have students on full rides to Harvard, Stanford, Duke and many other top tier schools. These students would have paid much more out of pocket if they attended their local state university.

In summary, smart students consider a broader range of schools than simply the closest state university. If you live in California, then you could go to a San Diego college but I encourage each student to have at least one state school option but then to cast the net wide, applying to the other private or public schools that fit them best, even if slightly outside their immediate region. While a state school may look like a financial safety, it's wise to cast the net wider and consider a variety of options. Once all of the admission and scholarship offers are on the table, only then can a student make the fully informed decision that is right for them. Helpful Links free SAT prep


Consulting Services

College Prep Coaching–Something for Everyone

When I meet with students and their parents, my goals are to help the students make well-reasoned decisions on the colleges to pursue and then to help them optimize their chances of admission and help them get the most scholarship money and financial aid they can.

Each family varies in the amount of guidance and support they seek. To accomodate the different needs and also to be sensitive to families' budget concerns, I offer the following three categories of service.

One-time "College Bound Essentials" session- This 3-hour meeting includes the student and parents, covering what students should do thoughout high school, how to wisely choose the colleges to pursue, how to pursue scholarships and navigate financial aid. For only $195, this session is created to be an affordable option for even the most modest budgets. Many families find this session is just what they need to navigate the college process with confidence.

Ongoing "Concierge Consulting"- For those who wish to engage in ongoing guidance and support, a variety of concierge packages are available. You can review all of these packages under the "Services" tab of this website.

Group Workshops- Throughout the year, especially in the fall, a variety of affordable 3- hour workshops are offered. Student prices are only $75 each and parents can come along at no extra charge. Workshops are offered for:

College Bound Essentials

Interview and Effective Communication Skills

Essay Writing for Admissions and Scholarships

Middle School Essentials

Your College Applications- Step by Step

Check the "Services" tab of this site for more details. Ultimately, Scholarship Gold Consulting seeks to meet the needs of clients in a variety of ways so that each student can have a remarkable and rewarding future.

How to Get the best success in College Admissions, Scholarships and Grants Funding

With Elizabeth Hartley, author, coach, consultant

The cost of college has risen over 440% in the last twenty years, making scholarships and financial aid more essential than ever for the average family.  Finding the right college for each student and helping them secure the best funding for that family is my primary objective.  My goal for all families is to be fully informed on how the process works, how to find the right colleges and scholarships, how to apply for and negotiate financial aid and navigate the whole process without the stress that plagues most families.  

I started this journey in the same predicament as most students, searching for scholarships.  I ended up with full rides to undergraduate and graduate school plus scholarships that paid for a summer on the Outer Banks of NC, a winter spent studying humpback whale migration in Hawaii and a year in England.  Scholarships provided me with not only a great education but also some real adventures.  I now judge for many scholarships (some full and some partial), speak all around the world on the subject, write a newspaper article for college planning and work with  private clients at various levels of depth and intensity.  I also consult with foundations, public and private schools and homeschool associations to provide group workshops and services to their students.

If you have concerns about how to successfully navigate choosing colleges, applying for admission, finding and competing for scholarships and what to do throughout high school to result in the most options, then consider working with a specialist like me.  It is an honor and a joy to work with families during this exciting time.  While some people may choose this field to make a living, I chose it in order to make a difference.  Please let me know if I can be of service to your family.  I encourage you to consider my three primary offerings:  Private consultations, Concierge Service coaching and a variety of small group workshops.

Regardless, please enjoy the resources I’ve posted on this site and sign up to receive my free monthly e-newsletter(in the panel to the right)  to learn valuable tips and insights for college planning.


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